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How your Shared Services Organisations Can Do More With Less

Find an efficient, cost-effective way to enable shared services, by laying a powerful digital foundation that unifies workflows and experiences across departments. Get started with our Imperative Guide. Inside, you’ll learn how to deliver enterprise and departmental shared services at lower cost, while unlocking actionable data for your entire organisation. Download Now

Elevate the employee experience with ESG

What does employee experience have to do with ESG? Discover the missing link in this ebook. By using digital workflows to build a hybrid work model, you’ll see how you can meet your ESG goals by enabling employees to work from anywhere, reducing your carbon footprint and building a reputation for ESG excellence. Download Now

Customer Insights – Employee Experience Testimonials

To drive productivity across your entire organisation, you need to give your employees frictionless experiences, at every touchpoint. By connecting people and processes with a single platform, you can drive engagement and productivity across your organisation, and guide employees through every part of their journey. Read this ebook to learn how ServiceNow customers are igniting […]

Next-Generation Shared Services – Driving Continuous Improvement Through Automation

Hear what employees think of their organisation’s current shared services, and discover how implementing automation into the process can boost your organisation’s scalability, efficiency, agility, cost savings, customer experiences, and perhaps most importantly, employee experiences – by giving employees more accurate outcomes and more time for innovating and upskilling.​ Read IDC’s report on next-generation shared […]

Strategies for cultivating frictionless customer and agency experiences

How can governments provide quick, transparent and seamless service experiences, every time? Read this ebook to learn how you can build trust by delivering consistent experiences across channels, with automation and AI. You’ll see how agencies like yours can digitise service delivery for businesses and customers while streamlining collaboration across departments and other agencies using […]

Navigating the tides of change: The need for evolution in customer service experience

Dealing with disconnected customer service and operations is frustrating for both customers and employees. So how can you deliver seamless customer service experiences that maximise satisfaction while minimising costs? Read this ebook to learn how you can drive productivity, increase efficiency and reduce costs by streamlining your customer service operations with automation. Download Now

A guide to streamlining sales and service operations in manufacturing

How can manufacturers meet constantly evolving customer expectations for speed, convenience and innovative services? Read this ebook to learn how you can streamline and automate commercial operations across your entire sales and service cycle, with a single platform. And explore how to drive increased service revenue while digitising end-to-end order management, dealer support and customer […]

Inside customer experience for manufacturing: Crafting seamless ecosystems and experiences

In ServiceNow’s global survey of 1,900 manufacturing leaders, more than 80% said they place a high focus or level of investment on improving both sales and after-sales service experiences. It’s a must for unlocking new revenue streams and delivering the type of frictionless customer experiences that drive profitability. Read this report to see how you […]

3 ways to elevate the customer experience and still reduce costs

How can you meet your customers’ demands for speed and convenience while lowering cost to serve? Get this guide to learn how you can empower agents to proactively address customer issues, by optimising your customer service operations with a single system of action. You’ll see how ServiceNow can help you reduce case volume and costs […]