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Achieve Modern IT Efficiency with Devicie and Intune

Revolutionizing Device Management

Faced with the escalating demands of managing an expanding device fleet, a local government council struggled with manual processes and limited visibility that hindered compliance and security. By adopting Devicie’s automated device management solution, integrated with Microsoft Intune, the council modernized its IT infrastructure and streamlined its operations.

The Challenge: Overcoming IT Management Challenges

  • Manual and Cumbersome Processes: Previously, the council relied on labor-intensive methods for deploying, updating, and managing their diverse device fleet.
  • Limited Visibility and Control: Inadequate oversight over device configurations and patch statuses made it difficult to ensure security and compliance.
  • Growing Demand and Complexity: As the device fleet expanded, the existing manual processes became unsustainable, affecting efficiency and security.

The Solution: Leveraging Devicie and Intune for Seamless IT Operations, reducing setup time by 75%.

  • Streamlined Device Deployment: New devices are automatically deployed and provisioned with user-specific applications and configurations.
  • Automated Updates and Patch Management: Devicie and Intune ensure that all devices are regularly updated with the latest software patches and OS upgrades, without any manual intervention.
  • Centralized Management Dashboard: The integration provides a unified view of the entire device fleet, allowing for easy monitoring of compliance, security, and operational status.

The Results: Significant Improvements in Efficiency and Security

  • Enhanced Productivity: The automation of routine IT tasks has saved the IT team countless hours, allowing them to focus on more strategic projects.
  • Elevated Security and Compliance: Automated workflows have significantly reduced the risk of data breaches and cyber threats while ensuring ongoing compliance with industry regulations.
  • Operational Excellence: The council now enjoys a modernized IT environment that is scalable, secure, and aligned with best practices in digital governance.

Devicie’s solutions have been instrumental in modernizing our device management approach,” said the council’s IT Manager. “Not only have they improved our security posture and compliance, but they’ve also saved us significant time and resources, allowing us to focus on more strategic initiatives.

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