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Maximizing ROI with Devicie and Intune for Global Device Management

Transforming Device Management for a Global Workforce with Devicie and Microsoft Intune

In the face of expanding global operations and the shift to remote work, a premier construction company with over 5,000 employees worldwide confronted escalating challenges in device management and cybersecurity. Tasked with overcoming these hurdles, the company turned to Devicie in conjunction with Microsoft Intune, transforming its IT infrastructure and significantly enhancing efficiency and security.

The Challenge: Navigating Complex IT and Security Landscape

  • Broad and Diverse IT Infrastructure: Managing a complex array of devices across numerous global locations.
  • Inadequate Legacy Systems: Traditional IT management tools, including VPN dependencies for updates and authentication, were becoming obstacles to productivity and security, especially with increased remote work.
  • Feedback and Productivity Bottlenecks: Employees faced frequent disruptions and security concerns, which negatively impacted their efficiency and overall job satisfaction.

The Solution: Integrating Devicie with Microsoft Intune for Advanced Management

  • Streamlined Device Setup and Security: With Devicie enhancing Intune’s capabilities, the initial setup and ongoing security configurations of devices were automated, eliminating the need for traditional VPNs.
  • Automated Updates without User Intervention: Devicie ensured that all necessary software updates and security patches were automatically applied in the background, leveraging Intune’s robust management framework.
  • Unified Control and Simplified Compliance: Devicie’s integration with Intune simplified the management of policies and provided comprehensive visibility across all devices through a single dashboard, ensuring consistent compliance and control.

The Results: Transformative Outcomes and Strategic Growth, $1.2 million annual ROI and growing

  • Significant Financial Returns: Implementation of Devicie and Intune led to an impressive $1.2 million annual ROI and additional operational cost savings.
  • Optimized IT Resource Allocation: The automation capabilities provided by Devicie and Intune freed up valuable IT resources, allowing the team to focus on strategic initiatives that fuel business growth.
  • Enhanced Global Productivity and Security: The workforce experienced improved productivity due to more reliable and secure devices, enhancing job satisfaction and operational efficiency worldwide.

“Simply being ‘good enough’ doesn’t cut it anymore. We must ensure our endpoints are managed with even greater diligence. Since partnering with Devicie, we’ve achieved enhanced security, increased productivity, and realized significant organizational savings.”

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