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Hidden Challenges for Remote Employee Managers


Alexander Wareham, Product Knowledge Manager

Alexander has 20+ years of call center experience ranging from being an agent to managing all facets of the operation. His main expertise is in Workforce management which is where he has spent most of his tenure in call centers ranging from 40 FTE to over 4000 FTE. He has been nominated twice for the SWPP call center professional of the year along with speaking at the SWPP, ICMI, IT Expo, and QATC conferences which show’s his passion for what he does.

Travis Desjardins, Workforce Manager

Travis is an outside the box thinker with a very analytical mind that’s perfect for solving complex problems. He has created custom solutions for his team when necessary and has helped grow support’s primarily remote team to match Shopify’s rapid growth. He started his Shopify journey as a guru and quickly advanced to a support manager, followed by his move to workforce planning. Travis strives to create a culture of equality and progress and encourages everyone he works with to experiment, even if that means failure. He believes that there is no real failure if you are innovating and learning from your experiences.

Nick Hamilton, Business Operations Analyst, Workforce Optimization

An experienced workforce management professional, Nick has worked in a range of markets providing analysis and insight to WFM operations. With forecasting and analysis as his core skills, he has designed and executed successful WFM initiatives based on data. At Rackspace, he employs his knowledge to navigate non-traditional contact center operations. Prior to joining Rackspace, Nick was the senior manager of workforce planning and analytics at Carenet Health, one of the largest telehealth providers in the nation. Before Carenet, Nick managed WFM operations for Allstate, USAA and Red Ventures.

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