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Elevate Your Global IT Support with AnyDesk: Sun Chemical’s Success Story

Are you facing the challenge of connecting a decentralized global IT team seamlessly and securely? Sun Chemical, a renowned leader in packaging and graphic solutions with a global presence, encountered a similar hurdle. Their solution? AnyDesk On-Premises.

Unlocking Seamless Global IT Support Sun Chemical’s IT infrastructure spans across 60+ countries, with around 80 dedicated technicians. The need for remote support is critical, and the removal of their integrated remote desktop tool left them in search of an alternative. “If a technician has a problem anywhere in the world, IT at Sun Chemical can provide support via AnyDesk, even if they’re currently out and about.”
· Kai Neubauer, Head of Global IT Client Services, EMEA

The AnyDesk Advantage AnyDesk quickly emerged as the frontrunner during evaluation, offering not only efficiency and bandwidth but, most importantly, unparalleled data security. By implementing an in-house solution, Sun Chemical ensured complete control over their network, safeguarding sensitive data and IP numbers from any unauthorized access. “You need to use your own network so you can really make sure that the data and IP numbers aren’t being logged anywhere. We wanted the remote maintenance servers to be placed safely in our own computer center.”
– Neubauer

The Result: Unmatched Security and Efficiency Since adopting AnyDesk Ultimate in 2016, Sun Chemical has experienced a transformation in their IT support landscape:

  • Data Security: On-Premises solution guarantees full control within the in-house network, ensuring data security at all times.
  • Clarity and Ease of Use: Technicians seamlessly adapt to AnyDesk without the need for extensive training.
  • Efficiency: AnyDesk’s lean client operates flawlessly even in low-bandwidth scenarios.
  • Performance: It delivers excellent performance regardless of network conditions.

Ready to enhance your global IT support capabilities? Download Sun Chemical’s case study now to discover how AnyDesk On-Premises revolutionized their IT operations.


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