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Megatrends Webinar OnDemand

In this webinar, we’re joined by Simon Morris, UKI Area VP at ServiceNow and Kelley Steven-Waiss, Chief Transformation Officer/VP at ServiceNow, to discuss the key trends of today, how leaders should approach them, and the opportunities presented by new technologies.

Following the launch of our Megatrends eBook, featuring quotes from our customers such as Aviva, Mitie and the Royal College of Arts, this webinar delves in more detail into how you can tackle the issues that you’re facing in your business.

The current business landscape is tough. New challenges face us at every turn, and the big, overarching threats to business — think inflation and the climate change crisis — aren’t going anywhere any time soon.

In order to survive, organisations must have a clear technology strategy for the year ahead.

Topics include:

  • The value of modernisation, and the standardisation of technology
  • The need for increased efficiency to drive down day-to-day operational costs
  • The need to manage the future and focus on the future operating model

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