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We hear it all the time.
Why Vereigen, what does it mean?

The word ‘Verei’ comes from a Greek-Dutch background that translates to ‘require/demand’. Quite literally, we are Demand Gen Media. We also believe that perseverance, teamwork, and a positive mentality of ownership are key to overcoming the challenges in the B2B Demand space. To embody these beliefs, we’ve chosen Medusa, an ancient symbol of protection and warding off negative energy. She also symbolizes power and victory.

Founded in 2016 with two employees and a unified vision of providing exceptional Marketing & Sales Support to B2B Tech Organizations with Excellence, Comfort, and Abundance, today Vereigen Media supports hundreds of top B2B brands. Our growing and innovative team of more than 300, take direct focus on the challenges faced by Leading Tech Brands, B2B Agencies, Publishing Houses, and Emerging Brands.

Vereigen Media will continue to be paramount in delivering exemplary B2B Marketing & Sales Support to its customers with outstanding quality and consistency.