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Analytics Lessons Learned: How four companies drove business agility with analytics

The business world has changed completely – and continues to change every day. Using your data to keep track of changes in your market and react to changes as they arise is now a necessity. Read the eBook Analytics Lessons Learned to see real-world examples of companies using data analysis to make responsive, informed and timely decisions. […]

Five Ways to Amplify Power BI with Azure Synapse Analytics

See how to move beyond basic reporting and deliver more impactful insights from all your data. Read the e-book, Five Ways to Amplify Power BI with Azure Synapse Analytics, for guidance and instructions on how to get started with using Power BI to analyze your data in Azure Synapse. Learn how to: Download Five Ways […]

Three Reasons to Shift to Integrated Threat Protection

Replacing your security tool stack may seem as daunting as the multiplying cyberthreats your business faces every day. But while cybercrime is growing in complexity, deploying an integrated approach to security can make defending against threats simpler. Give your organisation increased protection by integrating extended detection and response and a cloud-native security information and event […]

Windows 365 E-Book: The Only Constant is Change

Hybrid work has fundamentally changed the way we work—creating new opportunities and challenges alike. This experience has given many IT departments an acute case of whiplash. Fortunately, great challenges often inspire even greater innovations. Download the Windows 365 E-Book: The Only Constant is Change to learn how Windows 365 can help you: Enjoy Windows 365—the most powerful, […]

Making Hybrid Work Work: How to Instill a Secure, Productive Culture of Collaboration

Limited resources can make it difficult to prioritize solutions that help dispersed teams work and collaborate effectively. But streamlining your organization’s digital landscape with fewer, more efficient applications helps make a successful hybrid workplace possible—improving productivity, collaboration, security, and IT management. In this e-book, discover what leaders are saying about the challenges of hybrid work […]

Bridging the talent gap with on-demand, skilled researchers

Diverse perspectives and creativity that outmatch the adversary When hiring a security professional, there is an excess of skills and qualifications that you might consider including in the job description. For example, in 2021, 32% of hiring managers sought out individuals with certifications, 25% sought out advanced cybersecurity skills and 65% sought out previous relevant […]

Lessons from Synack’s Women in Cyber Breakfast

Watch Top Leaders in Cybersecurity Discuss Their Challenges and Triumphs The cybersecurity talent gap calls for creative solutions to begin chipping away at the 700,000 open infosec positions in the United States. Synack hosted Kiersten Todt, Chief of Staff at the U.S. Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency; Betsy Wille, Chief Information Security Officer, Abbott; Tiffany […]