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The Role of Network Inventory to Fuel Growth in Telecom

Driven by the possibilities of 5G, communications service providers (CSPs) are looking to embrace multi-year strategies that drive growth. To get there, CSPs need to shift away from archaic, labour-intensive processes and start thinking differently about the foundational impact of outdated network inventory. Read this eBook to learn how trusted and transparent network data provides […]

The 2023 UK Construction Industry Waste Report

This study provides an analysis of over 90,000 waste transfer notes, providing data-driven insights on waste compliance, diversion from landfill and the carbon impact of construction waste management.Download the complete findings of this unique study to learn how: Download The 2023 UK Construction Industry Waste Report Whitepaper

When Telecom Works, the World Works

There is an unprecedented change in the telecom industry right now. Recent years have seen telecom networks become the mission-critical backbone for many businesses. Networks must be always-on, reliable, secure, and agile—and if they aren’t, business disruptions can follow. Download this eBook and discover how CSPs can fuel growth and lower costs by automating the […]

IDC Report: Accelerating Towards Becoming a Digital-Native Service Provider

Nearly half of communication service providers highlight that their organisations are stuck in the initial stages of their digital transformation journey. The challenges that their organisations face include diminishing profits from traditional telecom services and competition from non-traditional market players. To address these issues, CSPs are compelled to shift away from conventional telecom approaches, accelerate […]

3 Steps to Secure the Digital Factory

How do you resolve OT vulnerabilities before they impact production? Read this ebook to discover how you can get full visibility of threats across your OT ecosystem, prioritise threats based on business impact and automate your vulnerability response with ServiceNow. Download Now

How Future-Ready Manufacturers Manage OT Risk

In a global survey of 1,900 manufacturers, only 33% report significant advancements in reducing OT risk. Discover how leaders manage OT security to proactively protect against cyber threats and resolve incidents faster. Download Now

The Future-Ready Manufacturer Report

A 2023 global survey of 1,900 manufacturing leaders performed by ServiceNow and Dynata found that manufacturers have opportunities to unlock the potential of digital transformation across the value chain. Download the report and learn how manufacturers thrive amid uncertainty when they: Download Now