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Streamlining Intune for Seamless Security and Compliance

Maximize Your IT Efficiency with Devicie and Microsoft Intune

In the rapidly evolving world of IT security, staying compliant with the latest standards is crucial. The State Library of New South Wales faced significant challenges in managing a diverse and complex IT infrastructure. By partnering with Devicie and utilizing Microsoft Intune, the Library has revolutionized its approach to security and compliance, setting a benchmark for efficiency and protection.

The Challenge: Addressing Modern IT Security Challenges

  • Extensive IT Infrastructure: Managing a wide range of devices including staff computers, public terminals, and specialized digital displays.
  • Compliance Pressures: Adhering to stringent government cybersecurity policies and ensuring alignment with global security best practices.
  • Operational Inefficiencies: Overcoming the limitations of traditional security management tools to maintain system integrity and user productivity.

The Solution: Leveraging Intune with Devicie’s Expertise

  • Automated Device Management: Streamlining the deployment, management, and security of devices across the library’s network.
  • Custom Security Policies: Tailoring Intune configurations to enforce robust security measures effectively.
  • Comprehensive Compliance: Ensuring continuous alignment with the Essential Eight and other international cybersecurity frameworks.

The Results: Empowering the State Library with Advanced IT Solutions

  • Enhanced Operational Efficiency: Achieving more with less by automating routine tasks, freeing up IT resources for strategic initiatives.
  • Robust Compliance Posture: Meeting stringent compliance requirements effortlessly, with automated updates and policy enforcement.
  • Improved Security and Visibility: Gaining a clearer view of the entire IT landscape, enabling proactive management and security responses.

Simon Handfield, Desktop and Infrastructure Leader:

  • “Integrating Devicie with Microsoft Intune has not only simplified our IT management but also elevated our security and compliance measures to new heights.”
  • “Thanks to Devicie, our transition to automated IT workflows has significantly reduced manual overhead and enhanced our cybersecurity resilience.”

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