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Streamline SIS Integrations

Cut integration support calls in half with Elevate Data Sync.

2018 may have been our best back-to-school to date, said Melissa Loble, Chief Customer Experience Offer at Instructure.We saw less SIS integration issues than we ever had in past years. Running our integrations through Elevate Data Sync has helped us ensure our customers have uninterrupted access to content and resources.

Typically, the number of calls districts make to vendor support teams spike in August, as most districts start school. In August of 2017, about 25% of Canvas support tickets were about SIS integration. With the Elevate Data Sync SIS integration, that number dropped to 13%.

In previous years, not only did the Canvas support team have to deal with higher volumes of tickets, but they would have to comb through records to troubleshoot problems, usually with very limited visibility into the SIS. With Elevate Data Sync, the team has centralized diagnostics and better visibility into issues. “Now, we can easily spot errors and point them out to the client in a proactive way instead of waiting for them to call our support team,” said CJ Donio, Senior Manager of Projects at Instructure.

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