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Remote access management foremployees and third party

Organizations are struggling to protect their networks, but they forget about the access security controls of third parties such as vendors, service providers and consultants.

VPN requires an infrastructure, such as licenses, which makes its use more expensive when there is a high demand for those resources. Because of this, IT teams have relaxed access policies through devices outside their infrastructure, which creates greater vulnerability to cyber attacks.

The controls offered by senhasegura Domum protect third-party access and your privileged credentials, as well as strengthen the security aspects that are normally exploited by intruders to gain access to the corporate network.

Through senhasegura Domum, it is possible to perform secure remote access for employees and third party with all the remote session functionalities of senhasegura PAM, providing Zero Trust-based access to corporate network devices without the need for VPN.

Zero Trust is a cybersecurity model whose premise defines that trusting data protection is exposing yourself to risks, that is, nobody is trustworthy by default.
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