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Networking for first timers: tips and candid truths

“Your network is your net worth.”

If you think that sounds like something you’d find plastered on a colleague’s coffee mug, you’re right. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t truth behind it. Just as we all could use a reminder to live, laugh, and love from time to time, we also shouldn’t overlook the importance of networking for small businesses.

That said, there’s no mug on the market that explains how to go about making new professional connections (none that we could find, at least). That’s an issue for growing businesses, especially when you consider how intimidating most networking events can be. What should someone new to networking know in order to succeed—or at the very least, not feel mortified?

As luck would have it, two of our Rubys just attended their first networking event—and came back with plenty of insights. We spoke to Katie Meier-Raetz and Sarah Allen for their post-event perspectives on what went well, what they wish they knew going in, and what they’d do differently in the future.

Below, they share their tips and takeaways in order to help small business owners navigate the world of networking on their own. Let’s jump in!

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