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Modernize Your Java Apps

Java continues to be one of the most important programming technologies for organizations of all types, but running Java applications at scale can be challenging. Empower your organization to focus on business priorities and innovation rather than infrastructure by modernizing your Java applications with cloud-managed services.

Read the e-book Modernize Your Java Apps to see how four companies transformed their mission-critical Java applications to achieve better performance, security, and customer experiences. Learn how moving their Java applications to Azure:

  • Improved performance and accelerated delivery of new and innovative services to customers for AIA Singapore Private Unlimited.
  • Simplified Java app development and deployment while supporting the strict security and regulatory requirements that Swiss Re Group follows.
  • Enabled Sphera to create a multitenant solution to better meet the needs of global customers.
  • Helped Raley’s capitalize on surging sales by improving the scalability and manageability of its e-commerce site.

Get the details on the journey these companies took and the architectures they used to successfully bring their business-critical Java applications to the cloud.




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