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Cove Data Protection Modernises Disaster Recovery as a Service with New Standby Image Feature

N-able, Inc., the solutions partner helping IT services providers deliver security, data protection as-a-service, and remote monitoring and management services, announced it has added a Standby Image feature as part of the company’s recently launched Cove Data Protection™ solution. By making it simple to create, manage, and report on virtual server images in the partner’s preferred location, ready for quick and flexible disaster recovery, without an expensive proprietary appliance, N-able delivers on the promise of cloud-first data protection as-a-service combined with business-class disaster recovery.

In the past, IT services providers thought they needed pricey backup appliances or traditional image backup to offer the full spectrum of disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) choices. Traditional products’ high costs and ineffectiveness were regarded as the cost of effective catastrophe recovery. With the launch of Standby Image, Cove adopts a novel strategy by fusing a full DRaaS with an affordable, cloud-first architecture. The current host and this version enhance the completely automated Recovery Testing feature.

Ransomware is one of the most popular methods used by hackers and malicious actors. According to The Verizon 2022 Data Breach Investigations Report, in 2021 ransomware increased by 13 per cent, representing a jump greater than the past five years combined. Its lucrative nature has incentivised bad actors to expand the scope of their attacks, including the introduction of new variants designed specifically to encrypt or delete backup data stored on the local network, destroying organisations’ last line of defence and further incentivising payment.

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