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Connecting Sales and Marketing for Revenue Acceleration: A CRO’s Guide

Today’s successful Chief Revenue Officers (CROs) know that to hit the numbers, you have to think beyond the numbers. Learn how to create a true competitive advantage in the eBook Connecting Sales and Marketing for Revenue Acceleration: A CRO’s Guide.

You’ll discover how to:

  • Unify data across business functions and use intelligent analytics to increase the quality and accuracy of forecasting efforts.
  • Increase lead quality, pipeline visibility and communication across marketing and sales functions.
  • Share the right coaching at the right time by understanding which sellers need help and what’s driving sales performance.
  • Create brand loyalty and nurture customer relationships through rich insights and personalised customer journeys across marketing and sales.
You will be able to access the eBook now and in a few days Microsoft will send you an email with the requested content.



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