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Cloud Next-Generation Firewall (PAYG with 15-Day Free Trial)

Product Overview

Cloud NGFW combines best in class network security with ease of use. Delivered as a fully managed cloud native service by Palo Alto Networks, Cloud NGFW extends threat prevention capabilities to AWS clouds. Its natively integrated with AWS Firewall Manager, CloudWatch, Kinesis Firehose and other AWS services.


Cloud NGFW provides leading-edge threat prevention, application control, AppID, advanced URL filtering and it’s easy to deploy. In just a few clicks, you can bring Palo Alto Networks acclaimed security to your cloud deployments.

  • Let go of infrastructure management responsibilities and worries
  • Stop zero-day, web-based threats in real time
  • Secure your apps as they connect to legitimate web-based services
  • Reduce attack risk by controlling traffic on a patented, Layer 7 traffic classification
  • Enjoy a native AWS experience with simple, consistent firewall policy management across multiple AWS accounts an VPCs
  • Enable automation of end-to-end workflows with support for API, CloudFormation and Terraform
  • Automation: Support for API, CloudFormation and Terraform templates enables automation of end-to-end workflows.
  • Extend your AWS experience with Next-Generation Firewall delivered as a managed cloud-native service procured from the AWS Marketplace. Get single-click deployments with built-in scale, resiliency and zero maintenance.

To sign up for a 15-day, risk-free trial, see the Highlights section on this page. Additionally, to assist with your estimated costs please visit our pricing estimator here:

Download Cloud Next-Generation Firewall (PAYG with 15-Day Free Trial) Whitepaper




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