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When hiring a security professional, there is an excess of skills and qualifications that you might consider including
in the job description. For example, in 2021, 32% of hiring managers sought out individuals with certifications, 25%
sought out advanced cybersecurity skills and 65% sought out previous relevant IT or cybersecurity work experience1
You need someone with the right experience to match your company’s specific suite of security tools and initiatives.
In one report, organizations were found to be using on average over 75 security tools2
To achieve that level of breadth, cybersecurity professionals are educating themselves on a variety of specialities.
In 2021, 40% sought to develop their cloud security expertise, while 22% focused on DevSecOps and 22% trained on
social engineering, among other specializations1
With all of these requirements on the hiring end and the endless combination of specializations from security
professionals, finding the best-fitting team member to solve your security objectives is challenging.

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