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A NEW ERA OF GOVERNMENT GRANTMAKING: Time for a cultural and digital transformation

Prepare for a new path in government grantmaking Learn how embracing digital transformation and cloud-based technology can help your team tackle the biggest challenges facing government grantmaking programs. Get guidance to help you choose the right technology and advice on how to make the transition achievable sooner than you might think. Download A NEW ERA […]

Writing an Effective RFP for Grant Management Software

Government grantmakers need a great GMS For government and public sector teams, selecting the right grant management software starts with a great RFP. This guide gives you all the dos, don’ts, and maybes you need to consider in order to create an RFP that gets results. Download Writing an Effective RFP for Grant Management Software […]

7 Best Practices forCreating an ImpactfulCSR Strategy

Once upon a time, businesses could focus on profitability above all else. Not any more: modern companies are expected to care about making the world better. They’re expected to serve their communities, listen to their customers, take public stances (and action) on important issues, value and support employees, work for sustainability, and respond to current […]

The key to building a customer centric team

80% of customers now view customer experience as being of equal importance to the products the company sells. With the importance of customer retention, it’s also worth noting that 91% of customers are likely to make repeat purchases with a company that provides positive experiences. When it comes to ROI and profitability, customer-centric companies are […]

Future-proof Your Workplace: Simplifying workstreams with flexible communications

Seeking a replacement for your current communications tool? In need of a phone solution, messaging tool, video conferencing app, or perhaps all three? If your current communications infrastructure has become a thing of the past, you’re not alone. This eBook covers the communications essentials that every business needs to succeed in the future workplace and […]

What your business needs for a hybrid and remote-first workplace

Close your eyes and picture what “going to work” looks like. Just a few years ago, it would look like office cubicles, meeting rooms, and even the break room where you’d run into your colleagues. In other words, your standard 9-to-5 workday in the office. But the last two years saw unprecedented changes. Today, you […]

How Unified Communications can Deliver Certainty in Times of Crisis

The global pandemic demonstrated that businesses can and must adapt to changing circumstances in an emerging crisis. This became evident when organizations, no matter the size, allowed employees to work from home, reporting to the office only when necessary. While there were already glimpses of mainstream remote work before the advent of COVID-19, the public […]

How to do business like The People’s Shark with Daymond John

It’s not easy owning a small business. Not only do business owners have to manage an endless to-do list, but they also have to face unexpected obstacles along the way. During uncertain times, it’s reassuring to be reminded of the fundamentals of entrepreneurship and of the business principles that can help guide you to the […]