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ADAPT Research – Market Trends – How can Australian CFOs Enable Modernisation and Lead Business Change in 2023

The role of the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) is undergoing significant transformation, where leading CFOs have shifted from keeping records to advising on strategic decisions

Based on financial performance data, these CFOs use evidence to advise on strategies that will drive the business forward.

In realising these changes, CFOs must develop a new way to measure value to capture longer-term performance while also addressing resilience imperatives in the near term.

CFOs at large Australian organisations can build their advisory credentials by:

  1. Shifting to measuring business value and modelling future profitability.
  2. Using data and insights to tell a compelling story and influence business decisions.
  3. Increasing engagement with technology and human resources teams.

In advising on these changes, CFOs can partner with the CIO, CDO, Data Leader and CHRO.

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