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6 reasons oil and gas organizations need to implement anindustrial cybersecurity program

Over the course of the last year, a surge of unprecedented attacks has made industrial cybersecurity top of
mind for industrial organizations around the world. This is particularly true in critical infrastructure sectors
such as oil and gas.
Previously, cyber criminals concentrated their efforts on infiltrating the information technology (IT) networks
that run business systems. However, they are now looking to disrupt the operational technology (OT) networks
that control industrial operations. Threat actors have moved beyond stealing valuable data, to gaining control
over entire market ecosystems.
The recent Colonial Pipeline incident demonstrates how hackers can wreak havoc when organizations assume
IT threats will not impact OT. This ransomware attack was the strategic result of a password breach, which
snowballed until OT operations were completely shut down. The consequence was a shortage of gasoline along
the East Coast, pushing gas prices to their highest level in six years.

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