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The power of connection: Why you should integrate your business apps with UCaaS

The modern enterprise relies on an array of different tools to boost productivity, automate workflows, provide customer relationship management and support, and manage communications both internally and externally. A Harmon.ie survey of information workers reports that, on average, 74% of employees have at least five apps open at one time and 16% use more than […]

CIO Guide: 4 steps to a risk-free cloud migration

Cloud technologies, and cloud telephony specifically, have matured greatly—richer functionalities, stronger security, better uptime, and enhancements to user experiences. The result is a market in transition, with businesses moving from data centers to the cloud at a rapid pace. Download CIO Guide: 4 steps to a risk-free cloud migration Whitepaper

Hybrid work: Why it’s time to move your on-premises PBX to the Cloud

It’s clear that the future workforce will be hybrid, with some workers in the office, some working remotely, and some a combination of the two. And with these rapidly changing needs, businesses realized just how vital the cloud is to flexibility and agility. Download Hybrid work: Why it’s time to move your on-premises PBX to […]

How RingCentral helped these 6 companies better serve their customers

According to research from the accounting firm PricewaterhouseCoopers, a third of your customers will leave you after one bad customer experience, and almost all will move on after two or three bad experiences. However, a positive customer experience builds trust and a lasting relationship between your company and your customer. It extends throughout the buyer’s […]

How to improve your customer experience by elevating your employee experience

In the past, organizations saw customer service as its own separate entity. If contact center agents treated customers well, they reasoned customer satisfaction would go up. But if you looked at the highest-performing businesses in the world today, you’ll notice that customer satisfaction goes beyond frontline contact center agents. Modern-day organizations are starting to realize […]

Integrating Unified Communications and Contact Center

One of the biggest trends in the enterprise communications area today is the integration of unified communications-as-a-service (UCaaS) and contact center-as-a-service (CCaaS). Businesses are taking this step to improve both the customer and employee experience. Bringing together technologies, including messaging, video, and phone, with customer and CCaaS technologies ensures that the right tools are available […]

UCaas for Dummies

As businesses increasingly embrace a cloud-first strategy, many are migrating their most heavily used business applications — including office productivity, customer relationship management (CRM), customer care, and more — to the public cloud. In today’s remote workplace, in which work from home (WFH) and work from anywhere (WFA) have become the new normal, this cloud-first […]

Checklist: How good is your communications system?

A modern communications system needs to be much more than phone calls and file sharing. It needs to provide workers with a better way of doing things. Download Checklist: How good is your communications system? Whitepaper

7 benefits of switching from on-premises PBX to the cloud

A unified solution offers enterprise-grade features such as phone, faxing, SMS, IVR, call queues, team messaging, video meetings, and voicemail—all on one platform. Download 7 benefits of switching from on-premises PBX to the cloud Whitepaper