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Using AIOps to Grow Your Business with 24/7 Resilience

How can you ensure your existing IT services run smoothly 24/7, to help your business grow? Start by automatically remediating IT issues in hybrid environments before they impact the business. Read this guide to learn how AI-powered service operations can help you get the most out of your existing IT investments, to deliver extraordinary IT […]

Business Value of ServiceNow Service Operations

Demand for digital services is exploding. And to thrive in this constantly evolving landscape, you need to learn how to futureproof your IT while making the most of your existing IT investments. In this guide, discover how you can automate processes and break down silos between your IT services and operations using a single platform. […]

4 Ways to Get Your Digital Transformation Back on Track

Disconnected transformation initiatives can lead to slow innovation, change fatigue and inadequate cloud governance. But you can break down silos to unlock the full value of your existing IT investments and reduce costs by connecting cloud and on-premises tech in a single platform. Read this eBook to see how you can accelerate your digital transformation […]

Digital Transformation & Risk for Dummies

Understand how digital risk can be managed across your organisation. As digital capabilities become more prevalent and your business transforms—risk management is now the responsibility of everyone, not just IT. Read Digital Transformation & Risk For Dummies, 2nd ServiceNow Special Edition to learn how you can manage and tackle digital risk with a single platform […]

Total Business Value of ServiceNow’s Integrated Risk Products

Enterprises everywhere are embracing innovative technology, adopting a risk-focused culture and safeguarding trust and compliance, by bringing together integrated risk management activities on a single platform. In this eBook, get Forrester insights on the business value of ServiceNow’s integrated risk products via their Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) assessment data. With a single platform, you’ll unlock a […]

Future of Finance and Supply Chain Processes: Constellation Research

Finance and supply chain teams are essential in achieving business success. But how do you help these vital parts of your organisation drive performance across ERP-centric processes without being bogged down by tedious manual work? Read this report from Constellation Research to learn how you can empower finance and supply chain teams by automating processes […]

4 Steps to Removing Friction from Your Source-To-Pay Process

Today’s procurement professionals are often hampered by mundane, repetitive manual tasks and disjointed teams, activities, interfaces and transactions. But by enabling your procurement team to work collaboratively on a single platform, they can orchestrate work across teams and systems with real-time governance while increasing engagement and making continuous improvements. Read this guide to discover how […]

Transforming Source-To-Pay Operations

Procurement teams face mounting pressure to enable growth, minimise risk and drive business value—they’re being asked to do more with less. So how can you achieve your performance goals while reducing costs? The answer… by connecting people, processes and systems with the right technology. Read this eBook to learn how you can improve employee and […]