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3 tips for shippers to secure capacity in any market conditions

Whether it’s meeting urgent needs in the spot market or streamlining your supply chain over the long term, capacity is among the top priorities to ensure operational efficiency for shippers. Securing access to capacity, no matter the state of the market, helps shippers move loads reliably and keeps their business operations cost effective. This one-pager […]

5 key actions to take before outsourcing warehouse operations

Warehouse management is a key pillar of successful supply chain operations. And many shippers outsource warehouse processes to third-party logistics (3PL) providers to address workflow issues and enhance analytics strategies that drive business decisions. But entering a partnership without having a deep understanding of existing processes—and a specific improvement plan—could create more warehouse challenges. This […]

How shippers can leverage intermodal to reach emissions targets

Shippers are facing immense pressure to reduce their carbon footprints. While electric and autonomous trucks offer eco-friendly options, wide-scale use of these solutions is years away for most. However, an environmentally-conscious alternative is available today: rail intermodal. A survey conducted by FreightWaves and Uber Freight finds that two-thirds of shippers report using rail as an […]

Supply chain profitability: How to achieve high-quality service without sacrificing cost

Keeping costs down is a priority for any business, but cutting corners isn’t the answer. To ensure profitable service at every stage of the market cycle, shippers need to set a strategic action plan and transportation budget that accounts for fluctuations in carrier rates, fuel prices, and accessorial fees. This e-book provides practical steps businesses […]

Customer Excellence and Best Practices in the Privileged Access Management Space

Applying best practices in Privileged Access Management (PAM) is pivotal for companies to protect themselves against cyber threats to prevent unauthorized privileged access to critical resources. Effective PAM tools are indispensable to the modern enterprise. They enable security teams to identify malicious activities linked to privilege abuse and include features that aid in taking swift […]

It’s time to put AI to work to maximize each customer experience.

Advancements in AI can deliver a superior customer experience from self-service to agent-assisted interactions. The latest whitepaper from ContactBabel: “Putting AI and Automation to Work in Contact Center Operations,” highlights specific areas of AI to help reduce customer churn, maximize efficiency, and turn customers into lifelong brand advocates. Invest now in AI for CX results […]

Amplify your CX initiative with a holistic VOC program

 Listening to customer feedback fosters customer trust and loyalty. In fact, studies show that 81% of customers become more loyal if a company has a dedicated Voice of the Customer program. This new eBook details how customer experience leaders can lay the groundwork for fully integrated, personalized experiences every time, inspiring lifetime loyalty every step […]

Are your customers heading in the right direction?

Customers don’t follow just one path on their journey with your brand. Often, their path is full of twists and turns, alternate routes, detours, and divergences. This mini-guide goes over the systems and tools your organization can put in place to map digital customer journeys, which enables digital and customer experience leaders to view and […]

Create Wow Experiences with AI -Three Ways to Empower Agents

 AI-powered experiences with Enlighten AI can “wow” customers with exceptional CX. AI-powered analytics help your agents understand customers better, creating just-in-time, hyper-personalized service, driving customer satisfaction rates. AI-driven analytics objectively measure agent performance, leading to better coaching from supervisors to agents for customer service improvements. AI analytics can also automate after-call notetaking, to free up […]

From Good to Great: Revolutionizing Customer Experiences through Enlighten

Create personalized, brand-aligned interactions every time Every advance in technology, in the eyes of consumers, means their life should be easier. Customer service is no exception. Enlighten is transforming the business-consumer relationship, ushering in a new era of personalized, efficient, and reliable interactions, empowering organizations to create exceptional consumer experiences. Learn how Enlighten creates truly […]