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WISMO Calls: What Causes Them and How to Reduce Them

By the time a customer calls you for an update on their order, it’s too late. Where Is My Order, or WISMO, calls represent up to 50% of incoming customer service calls and are a symptom of an operations breakdown in an organization. Keeping an ecommerce customer happy is difficult with so many moving parts, […]

What is the best Shopify Order Tracking Solution for My Store?

If you use Shopify, you already know why it is the leading ecommerce platform in the English-speaking world. Millions of online retailers sell on Shopify because it is easy to set up an ecommerce store and customize a theme to make it look professional. The standard Shopify features give you what you need to start […]

Optimize the Customer Journey with Last Mile Tracking Integration

While every step of the Ecommerce customer journey is important, the last mile is the most crucial and, often, the one we most remember. Getting your customer’s order right only to have it ruined by a delivery exception or a missed notification can hurt your brand image and cost you financially. Make a lasting impression […]

How Shipment Notifications Can Improve Your Customer Experience

Technology has brought about some amazing changes. We have at our fingertips more processing power than it took to put a man on the moon. Our everyday items have functions that our grandparents never imagined possible. From robot vacuums to Wi-Fi enabled thermostats, we have grown accustomed to having information and customization options readily at […]

3 Post-Purchase Marketing Strategies That Boost ROI

Post purchase marketing is the promotion and branding activity that takes place after a customer has made a purchase. From the customer’s perspective, the customer journey does not end until they have your product in their hands. That means that while they are waiting for their order to arrive, you still have their attention. Order […]